The Princess Bride, Jack Reacher, Mission: Impossible 2

The Princess Bride

A classic I never got around to seeing until recently.  One of my friends would scoff at me for not knowing the origin of the “My name is Inigo Montoya…” line.  Shame, shame, shame.

  • I doubt this will blow anyone’s mind as much as it blew mine and my wife’s but THIS IS THE SAME MAN.

Freakin’ Saul and Inigo Montoya are the same guy!  How long ago did the internet first freak out about this?  How many years behind am I?  Six?

  • Several attempts were made to translate the book to film.  At one point, Christopher Reeve was going to play Westley.
  • Andre the Giant underwent major back surgery before filming and couldn’t support the weight of Cary Elwes during the fight scene.  Elwes stood on a series of ramps during close-ups of their fight scene and the wider shots featured a stunt double of Andre the Giant.

Jack Reacher

I don’t know what it is but I’ve never really had it out for Tom Cruise even if he has been an asshole in the past.  He was awesome in Born on the Fourth of July, the Mission: Impossible movies, and Collateral.  His aggressive commitment to being an action hero is impressive.  I wanted to see Jack Reacher as soon as they announced it even though I never read the books.

  • The director, Christopher McQuarrie, previously collaborated with Cruise on Valkyrie.  McQuarrie also wrote X-Men (uncredited), The Usual SuspectsThe Way of the GunThe Wolverine (with others), and Jack the Giant Slayer (with a bunch of others).  He will scribe Mission: Impossible 5 too.
  • The movie was scheduled to be released December 14, 2012.  Its release was delayed one week as a result of the Sandy Hook shooting.
  • Lee Child, the author of the book, publicly supported Tom Cruise in his portrayal of the title character.  Fans criticized the choice of Cruise since his stature does not match Reacher’s, who is apparently enormous in the books.  Child said that Reacher’s size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force and that Cruise sold that aspect of the character in his own way.

Mission: Impossible II

This movie sucked but I looked it up because I remember hearing something insane relating to Cruise doing his own stunts.

  • The studio was worried about the opening sequence, where Ethan Hunt is free climbing.  Cruise refused to drop the sequence because he couldn’t think of another way to reintroduce the character.  How about the same way you did it in Mission: Impossible 3 or Ghost Protocol, both of which kick this movie’s ass, Tom?  Anyway, Cruise didn’t have a safety net while filming those scenes but did have a harness and tore his shoulder when filming Hunt leaping from one cliff to another.
  • During the knife-in-the-eye scene, Cruise insisted that the knife stop 1/4 of an inch from his eye.  Woo thought they could probably make it a little farther away.  They created some mechanism to stop it at the right spot.  Cruise insisted that Dougray Scott use all of his strength to achieve the full effect.  See?  He’s freaking insane.  It’s a MOVIE.  [Source]
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